Sunday, October 25, 2009

Superhero Extravaganza!!!

Superhero Extravaganza!

Monday's lab was based on a superhero theme. It was very interesting for me to walk into lab and see all of my peers wearing costumes. For the children it was even more exciting! Their eyes lit up as they asked what some of my peers were and they weren't shy to question why some of us were dressed the way that we were. I was asked by a 1st grader why I had a Superman shirt on because I am a girl. Haha! It's a lot of fun to teach children new games that they enjoy, but it's also nice to see how creative they can get with games that they already know. During "free time" a few of the children got a group together and began to play Duck Duck Goose. Instead of the ducks they decided to name people whatever popped in their minds first. It was amazing to see their eyes light up as they laughed at each others wondering and creative imaginations. They each payed attention to what one another said and they began to copy the funniest names and laugh harder with each time it was used. Frank (a peer of mine) became "cheese" and I became "carrots" because of my hair. It was a great experience for me to see what a great time these children had just by using their imaginations. It began with them imagining some of us as actual superheroes, instead of "the college kids". It ended with them laughing and smiling at their own silly twists that they added to each game.
believe that by us dressing up and showing the students that we care, it captured their attention much faster than on a normal lab day. A wise teacher once told me that "They don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." Ever since I heard this, I realize how true it is and how much I can do little by little each day to prove to the children that I care about them. Every little bit counts!

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