Saturday, October 15, 2011

2nd To Last Week :(


Today I realized how important instant activity games are.  They are not only important for the beginning of a lesson.  Using them at the end is also a great idea!  You can motivate your students to do well during class by rewarding them at the end with their favorite quick game/activity.  One activity that I saw being used at Beverly J. Martin Elementary while I was attending SUNY Cortland was called “Jake the Snake”.  You used a soft ball attached to a rope and had all of the students form a circle around you.  As you swing the ball around by the rope they have to jump over it.  Each student is involved and has to move or else they get “bit” by Jake.  You can modify the game by making the students perform different tasks such as jumping jacks, running, pushups, etc. All of the students were active and they all loved it!  You can use any quick games just as “Jake the Snake” was used.  My goal is to find a new game for each week when I have my own students.  They can vote on which they like the best and work towards playing them quickly at the end of each class. J

“Fire Prevention Day”, How exciting!  In the morning the fire alarm was sounded and the students reported outside with their teachers.  As the fire trucks arrived quickly the firemen reenacted a real fire.  They brought the hose onto the roof and even rescued someone on a stretcher.  Afterwards there was an assembly in the cafeteria where many of the student’s questions were answered.  The firemen did an excellent job.  At the end of the day there was an evacuation practice at the school.  Everyone walked to the church, which was a bit far.  All of the students including the kindergarteners made it there and back without any problems. It was so much fun!

Yesterday made me think about how nice it was to go for a walk during the school day.  It clears your head and helps you relax.  Maybe if I end up in a high school or middle school setting I’ll come up with a “Walking” class for students in study halls.  This way I can get to know them better and give them a “break” from the school day.  It might be just what they need.  I am sure that permission slips from parents would be necessary and the students would have to be passing all classes in order to participate.  I’d also invite other staff members if they’d like to join. J

Today Mrs. Constable did her second to last weekly evaluation on my teaching.  In the comments box below she wrote that Morse will miss me.  Today I was also given a T-Shirt that says “Property of Grant D. Morse Athletics” from another one of the teachers.  It feels great to know that I’ve made a good impression of myself at this school by just doing what I love to do.  It doesn’t feel great to know that I only have one week left here.  It’s going to fly by.  I hope that the high school is just as much fun in its own way.    

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