Friday, November 6, 2009

Bring on the Circus !

This weeks lab was based on a circus theme.  All of the children were excited to see most of the costumes that the "college kids" had worn.  My group was assigned to do what every physical education teacher has to do on a day-to-day basis, which is cleaning and organizing equipment.  While most people would think that cleaning out closets and other rooms would be boring, I found it fun.  There is so much equipment that a teacher could easily forget that they have and once they see it, it could bring thoughts and ideas for new games!
Equipment that every teacher knows of, such as hula-hoops could spark a new creative idea.  During free time on monday the children were so creative that they made a "house" out of hula-hoops.  (How come I never thought of that !?).  They were so proud of their "homes" and they even let me join them inside!  What great imaginations these children have.  As a physical education major, I hope to use the children's ideas and make them into opportunities for the entire class to be part of.  
At the end of the day my group was assigned to come up with a closing song and dance.  
were supposed to do the Ho-key Po-key, but the CD player was broken.  We knew there was no need to panic though because there were songs on Prof. Yang's ipod and there were 5 of us to be creative and make up a dance.  We chose "Shake Out Your Sillies" by The Wiggles.  This song went perfect with out circus theme because it was so silly and spunky.  The children all participated in the song and seemed to have enjoyed it very much.  It was a lot of fun!  Song's and music have a great impact on the children in such a positive way.  Once you turn on the music it's like you're turning on their energy and eagerness to play.

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